Furuno FS-1520 Problems



Hi All,

I purchased a Furuno FS-1520 several years ago and I am having a problem with it. When you push the transmit button on the mike, I can hear a realy click in but it will not transmit a signal.

Now if I do a TX Tune, it will beep, click in the relay and the word Tune will appear on the screen but that is about it.

Now my problem is I live in Atlanta and contacted a Furuno dealer in Panama City, FL which is where my boat is. The dealer said it would be cheaper for me to buy a new unit then to have this one repaired.

Well, that is not a satisfactory answer as far as I am concerned. Looking inside the unit it appears that it could be a board that may need replacing but, in order to find out where the problem is the unit needs to be checked out.

Now as a Ham with a Extra Class license I am familiar with HF radios but unless you have the service manual to work on the unit you are dead in the water.

I will be calling the service department tomorrow to see what kind of assistance they can provide to me to get this rig back into operation.
Sorry about that it's the Furuno FS-1502 - I have a tendency to get dyslectic from time to time.
Spoke with a factory Service Rep and went through a few things on the programming end that I could do but it still didn't solve the problem. He recommended calling the main office or a Rep other then the one in Panama City, Fl to see if they could hook me up with a service manual to trouble shoot the rig. Will be making some calls on Monday to see if I can get the support I need. Apparently because of the age of the rig there may not be the parts needed for the repair. However, looking at the boards in the rig there wasn't any sign of burned components. I did however discover that one resistor was extremely hot on the back of the front display board. Leads me to believe that that may be where the problem is.
Hi SteveKJR,
You can also send the unit here for repair if you want, but as you said, this radio is over 20 years old and parts maybe unavailable. To send the equipment directly to our repair facility, our address is as follows:

Furuno USA Inc.
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607

Put it to the attention of our Service Department. Be sure to include a detailed description of the problem. Also include your name, address, and any phone numbers where you may be reached