Furuno 1964 Radar problem



I am an American living abroad, and I just spent a fortune on buying a 1964 Radar used and importing it. I purchased a new cable and power supply from Breakwater in Houston, the rest is used. I just set it all up and it powers up great, but won't see anything outside of 2 miles. I just get little green dots that adjust with the gain. I don't know how many hours the magnetron has on it, but could that be the problem? Another issue is when I bought the new cables, they didn't come with the three EMI's (cable magnets) that I was supposed to install inside the antenna housing. I didn't get the old cable to take off the EMI's so I tried it without those. Would that cause a huge loss of range? Close range is also not very clean, but I do get returns out to about 2 miles. I had a cruise ship at 1.5 miles today, and I could see it well, but would loose site of smaller boats as they passed it at around 2 miles, with no waves. Please help! jschuc1@hotmail.com
Hello John,
It could be that you have an extremely weak magnetron, or it could be that the installation setup was not done or not done correctly. Did you perform the installation setup procedures for the PSU008 and the radar optimization in the installation setup? If not you can find these procedures here, http://www.furunousa.com/ProductDocumen ... -23-11.pdf. If these setup procedures are not done you will get the same results as you indicated. Specifically look at the procedures on pages 3-5 and 3-6 of the installation manual.

link is not working. would like to see the radar installation setup for rdp-149 and 6kw rsb0070 radar