Furuno 1850 waypoints transfer to NN3D



I recently upgraded boats and with that electronics. I would like to transfer waypoints from the Furuno 1850 machine to the new NN3d. The booklet for the 1850 says that points can be saved to an SD card that is programmed in the 1850. How can they then be transferred to the NN3d?
The GP1850 doesn't use an SD card. It uses an older style memory card in which there is no longer a PC type reader available. If you have one of the old FP readers for your PC then you can get the files off with a memory card. Most do not have the card reader for the PC. You might check with you local dealer to see if they have one. If you can get your files into the PC; you can attach them to a support case and we can help you get them converted to the NN3D format. Another method would be to transfer the points out of the machine with a serial cable as described in the manual. This would be a basic NMEA serial dump of the data. You could use a program like Andren to convert directly from the serial dump into NN3D format. The new Andren software seems to support our older unit and newer units including the new GP1670F and GP1870F (www.andren.com)
Many times your Furuno dealer can be helpful with the point conversions because they have most of the cables/tools already.