Furuno 1715 Radar Issues



Hi Guys and gals

I have a Furuno 1715 radar. The array is spinning during TX as noticed with the cover off but no targets are visible on screen. When I run a scanner test sometimes array rpm is correct other times it reads 0 rpm.

I've conducted the Furuno troubleshooting and the unit shows no errors. Any hints on what to check next?

(PS: I'm an engineer and mechanic so you won't scare me with technical detail)
The radar video is what is missing. The path starts on the receive side and goes to the IF amp, down the cable, and processed in the display. If the IF amp is good you normally will at least get noise if you turn off all the filtering and crank the gain all the way up. The most common thing that happens is a break in the radar scanner cable video line that passes the video from the IF amp to the display. For boats with splices or junction boxes in the cable; the problem normally resides there. There is a small video coax cable within the main scanner cable. This is the video line. You might try checking it with an OHM meter end to end and verify that it is good.
Thanks I'll try that. The main cable from the display to the radome on the mast has been removed and replaced during mast unstepping / stepping. I noticed that the cable was compressed during the mast stepping. So that might be the issue.