Fuel Flow Data



I am planning to install a Flowscan NMEA 2000 fuel usage system. It outputs fuel use in GPH and total fuel used over a NMEA 2000 bus. I have multiple TZT14s and multiple RD33s conected tp my NMEA 2000 CAN bus. Will I be able to see the fuel info put out by the Flowscan? I can't find a page on my TZTs or RD33s for this data.
Both the RD33 and the TZT14 will display NMEA2000 GPH engine data.
Make sure your TZT displays have the latest 3.01 software.

The information in the manual is in section 10 under instrument display. You might also want to download the latest user manual if you have updated software in the past.
I am using software V 3.01 and I downloaded the latest manual. When I look at section 10 instrument display in the manual, I can find the page for engine info but that page does not have a guage display for fuel flow. It shows RPM, Oil pressure, etc. but not Fuel Flow. What am I missing.
Thanks for the help.
Fuel flow is in the tank level display. If you have an engine display showing try choosing tank and see if it shows up.
Just to be clear, I do not have an engine NMEA 2000 system as my John Deere engine is mechanical not electronic. Nor do I have NMEA 2000 tank level moniroring. What I have is a stand alone Flowscan fuel use system that uses forward and return sensors to provide "fuel use data in GPH" and "total gallons used data" to the NMEA CAN bus. Will I be able to see this on my TZTs and RD33s.
Thanks again.
What model Floscan are you planning to use?
We can check on the PGN (sentence) that they will transmit on the NMEA2000 output.
We will be using a FloScan FloNET system N20D-BOS-2K. This is a NMEA 2000 system outputting the following PGN sentences:
65280 (FloScan propriety fuel rate)
65281 (FloScan propriety fuel used total)
127489 (Engine parameter dynamic - generic)
127497 (Engine trip parameter - generic)

Also, if the Furuno sofware has the ability to manually input a "fuel on board" starting point in gallons, the system should be able to calculate distance to empty, gallons remaining, etc.

Please let me know what sentences will work with the Furuno TZTs and RD33s and if the Furuno software will allow the additional calculations.

Page 2-9 of the TZT install manual shows a full listing of the input PGNs.

Furuno TZtouch currently accepts the following standard PGNs for engines. It does not accept propriety PGNs.

127488 Engine Parameters, Rapid Update
127489 Engine Parameters, Dynamic

There is no manual input or control over these PGNs.
These are controlled by the source device.

The RD33 Operator's manual has a full input/output table starting on page 9-8.
It accepts the following Engine PGNs but not propriety PGNs.

127497 (Trip Parameters, Engine),
127488 (Engine Parameters, Rapid Update),
127489 (Engine Parameters, Dynamic)
Thanks for the response.
Two questions:
1) Why dosen't the TZ Touch accept the 127497 sentence since the RD33 does accept it?
2) Are you saying because there is no manual input allowed I have to go to the Floscan control box in the engine room to reset fuel consumed?
If that is the case, I would like to know how to request that a modification be made to future Furuno softwarwe to allow for this. Both Raymarine and Garmin (when receiving sentences from a Floscan system) allow you to enter starting fuel load in gallons so that the software can calculate disatance to empty, gallons to empty, etc.
Since the TZT doesn't support the FloScan propriety fuel rate infomation, it won't work regardless, except for the Engine info. You might write up your suggestions and post under the new product suggestions area. Sometimes agreements have to be cut, to use other companies propriety data, and it might not be as easy you might think.
Thanks Johnny,
Three related questions: 1) The RD33 has a GPH Fuel Display Page. What is the PGN sentence that drives this display page? 2) The Floscan system outputs PGN sentence 127489 and Furuno accepts 127489. Will this supply data for the RD33 GPH display page? 3) If not, what does Furuno do with the PGN 127489 sentence?
Thanks again.
That PGN is giving out Engine information not tank levels. The TZT has a tank level screen but the RD33 does not. The only fuel related info given by PGN 127489 is that engine specific fuel pressure and fuel rate. The RD33 manual (PG 2-9) shows the engine item screens. The only fuel item that the RD33 would apprear to show is the fuel rate (for that engine which is putting out 127489 with it's instance number).
I believe that will work for me (PGN 127489) since fuel rate (in GPH) is the primary reason I installed the Floscan system. I found the display page on the RD33 that shows GPH fuel rate, does the TZT also have a page for GPH fuel rate.
Thanks for the help.