FS1575 and FM8900S



I have a FS1575 MF/HF XCVR and two Controller units. I am attempting to remote one of the controller units to another location via Ethernet. The serial communications between the XCVR and the Controller is a High Speed 768 kbps connection but require a 16 bit data length. I was able to power it up remotely using a couple resistors and a zener diode. However, I can not get audio and data to pass through some Planet ICS-100 serial to Ethernet converters. Does anyone have any experience remoting these signals.

I am also doing the same thing with a FM8900S VHF radio and a remote handset. Again, I can remotely power the remote handset, but I cant get audio and data to pass. The signal requirements for this radio are 57.6 kbps and 8 data bits. A converter for this application is easier to find, but I still cant get data and audio to pass.

Any ideas or assistance will be great.
The assistance you require is a bit beyond the scope of this forum. I suggest you contact our deep sea department.

They should be able to answer your questions or steer you in the right direction.