Frurno charts viz free Mapmedia charts Florida/USEC/Bahamas



Good Morning.
We intend to download vector charts for Florida USEC and Bahamas for our Furuno chartplotter MFD12. Furuno charges usd 210,- for unlocking theirs while Mapmedias charts over the same coverage (it seems) are free. Appreciate some guidance/comments why its advantages to purchase the Furuno charts compared to the free charts.
Rgds Geir
All of our charts that include the Bahamas have a list price of $300. The vector C-Map by Jeppesen also includes the entire east coast of the United States. The free versions of the USA charts are from NOAA and cover only the US. They are available as raster or vector. There is no royalty for NOAA’s chart database so we are able to offer them at no charge. But there will be no Bahamas coverage as they are not a US territory.
All of the charts are from MapMedia.