FMV-602 Repair needed



I own a Furuno FMV-602 video sounder/fish finder that has begun to operate intermittently. It only turns on occasionally with no other signs of malfunction. No smoke, no fumes, no sparks. When it operates, it works normally...almost like a bad on/off switch.

I know this is 'old' technology, but until now, this unit has worked flawlessly in identifying fish and bottom depths. I would like to keep using this unit. Is it possible to have this unit evaluated for repair by Furuno?

If repair is not possible, is the 50 khz/200 khz transducer which is mounted in my hull compatible with other Furuno models that I could install in the place of this FMV-602?

Many thanks,

The FMV-602 is an older sounder (roughly 28 years old). Very few repair parts are available but our service center can evaluate it. Due to cost of shipping and evaluation, it might be better to have you local Furuno dealer look at it, or replace with a newer sounder.

You can wire a newer style connector cable on the old transducer and use a newer model sounder. Since the FMV-602 was/is a 150w sounder and newer units start at 600w, the transducer might not last long running on a new sounder. Keep in mind your original transducer would have been at least 600w, but it has aged. It might work fine at 150w but when connected to a newer unit it might finish off it's life as it is provided full power.
Thanks for the great information. I found the problem in a poorly spliced 12V power wire and replaced both leads. As much as I'd like to replace this old unit, it just keeps working and still puts me on the fish, which is really what this is all about. But you know when I start looking for a replacement, I'll be looking at Furuno first!

Thanks for the support!!