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I have a MFD12 with a DFF1 and a TM260 transducer. The system is working well with the exception that it does not give the digital depth. The fishfinder screen indicates two black slashes followed by ft in the lower left corner but never shows a depth. The data box on the main screen also does not show the numeric depth. I haven't found anything in the menus to correct this, ideas?
Ensure you have an establish bottom showing up on the sounder and the try adjusting your bottom level adjustment.
Good solid reading on bottom, still no digital depth. Any other ideas?
What was the Bottom Level adjustment set at?
Have you checked that the DFF1 is setup as your depth source under the Install wizard? (under GLOBAL - DATA SOURCES in the install wizard)
Bottom Level for both frequencies currently at +10, have tried it all at varied levels with no difference. The DFF1 is shown in the Data Sources as depth source, water temp, and speed through water. None of these readings currently display.
You have turned on SST (Sea surface temp) in a data box and it is blank?
Your STW (Speed thru water) is also blank in a data box when the boat is moving? Where is your water speed coming from? I thought you had the TM260 (which has no paddle wheel).
Being that you have good bottom and the Bottom Level adjustment isn't working for you, it might be time to call a dealer or send the unit in. Normally your bottom level will be setup for -20 range like Gdfisher's, but sometimes has to be setup for as low as -45.
SST is on in the data box and blank.
STW was on in data box, but no data as there is no paddle wheel. Boat is new to me and working through previous owner's settings.
Set both HF & LF bottom level settings to -45 and still no change. Went through the install wizard settings again and tried to change the source for SST, STW, and Depth. The pull down boxes would not allow me to change any of them, all remained DFF1. I'm in Ketchikan, AK so I'll have to ship the units for service. Is this an issue with the DFF1, MFD12 or both. Thanks for the help.
Most sounder problems reside in your transducer, not the sounder. Since transducers can't easily be pulled, normally you can borrow a transducer from a dealer or marina and connect it to your sounder and hang it over the edge of the boat for testing. You could check your temp sensor of the transducer with a multi-meter (instructions on this forum in another thread). Before sending in the sounder for testing, you could ensure that user settings haven’t gotten out of whack. You can reset the sounder settings and the sounder itself.
1. (MENU - FISHFINDER icon - DFF tab - RESET DEFAULT SETTINGS at bottom of page)
2. (MENU - SYSTEM icon - DFF tab- RESET DEFAULT SETTINGS at bottom of page)
3. (MENU - SYSTEM icon - MEMORY tab - Select sounder and pick reset to FACTORY DEFAULT in the sounder area)

After clearing everything put the sounder in duel range, auto cruising, and auto range.
Allow the sounder to get an established bottom and if not showing depth, try adjusting the BL lower unit depth shows up.

If the issue still is present, send the sounder box into the service center for evaluation. If it tests good at the service center; then your transducer might need to be tested or replaced by your dealer.
I have the same problem. I bought a working spare DFF1 and it will still not display the depth. I installed the latest software and did everything previously posted. Still no reading. Furuno has a problem and these aren't random cases. Furuno needs to step up with a software solution or replace all DFF1'S with this problem. These aren't cheap $300 off the shelf fish finders.
The DFF1 is no longer sold and many many sold starting almost 20 years ago. This forum focus is to seek answers and offer assistance not axe grind. While I am sorry you are experiencing a problem, you comments are not constructive in getting to a resolution. Please contact official support or send the unit in for evaluation if wish to try resolving the concern.
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