Fi5001 wind sensor data



I just bought a sailbboat with a FI-5001 wind sensor that I would like to connect to my B&G Zeus MFD via the NMEA2000 bus. Do I need the FI5002 to process the data so it is readable on the bus or do I also need a FI501/ FI502 to process the data. I am trying to avoid purchasing a wind display because the Zeus already has it built in. Thanks!
The FI-5001 is an analog wind transducer that needs to be connected to a FI-501 or FI-502 display. Once that's done, the FI-501/502 can be connected to your existing NMEA2000 backbone to connect to the B&G. If you don't have a NMEA2000 backbone, that's where the FI-5002 can's what we call a "backbone in a box" because it has a power input connection and two termination jumpers that can be configured to provide the required 2 terminations.
Seems to be an expensive way to go given that the B&G will be doing what the FI-501/502 does. Does furuno have a MFD that shows wind info for sailing?
Both our NavNet TZT and NavNet 3D systems are MFDs that do have a wind display for sailing. However, that would be way more expensive than just adding an FI501 and connecting it to your N2K backbone. The FI501 has a list price of $595 whereas an MFD will be several thousand.