FCV587 with Airmar TM260



I am trying to figure out why I can fill up the screen with clutter when I have the unit in simulation mode and turn the gain up to 10 but I cant when im out fishing. I fish in 60-110 ft most of the time and have the unit in manual range. I was in 60ft of water and had the depth set for 80ft and turned the gain all the way up to 10. I had some targets and slight clutter but I was far from cluttering the screen out. It dosent seem right to have a 1KW transducer in 60ft of water and not be able to clutter the screen out. My neighbor has a FCV-295 with the same transducer and he can turn his screen red when he turns his gain all the way up.

what should the setting be at to get the max power out of the 587?
You can try changing the TX Power setting from Auto to 100% and also changing the TX Rate from Max to 20. Try these changes and let me know if they help.

Snips, I have the Tx power at 100% but my unit only goes to 10 or Max for the Tx rate. Is this correct or is it suppose to go to 20? Also I played with the unit a little more today and found the Gain ADJ HF and LF under the Calibration Menu. They were set at 0 and I turned them up to 20, the max. This seems to have corrected the issue. Is it normal to have those settings at 20 or is that indicating a problem with the transducer? and is having the Gain ADJ at 20 going to cause problems with anything or cause the unit to underperform?
Sorry my mistake, the TX Rate on a 587 only goes to 10. On our bigger sounders it goes to 20. The default gain offsets are set for zero so that was normal. I would try this, in the Menu you will find the option to Restore the sounders default settings. See if the picture looks better after you do this. What is the history on the transducer.