FCV587 with 525ST-MSD?



2 Questions:

1) I have a 525ST-MSD transducer on my 23' boat. Will the new FCV587 work with this unit the same as the FCV585 did except for the new bottom detection feature and obviously better resolution from a chirp transducer?

2) I plan to replace my 525ST-MSD transducer and fairing block for a new comparable unit with chirp eventually. Which is the model I should be using, Airmar B265LH? Is slightly bigger? I mostly fish shallow water 25-180ft inshore & local islands (60%) or cod fishing up to 300ft (30%) and occasionally outer banks for tuna 300+ (10%)

You can use the 525ST-MSD with the 587 just select the 525STID-MSD in the transducer menu.

We have tested both the 585 and 587 with the B-265 using a MB-1100. At this point I do not recommend using a B-265 with either sounder. The 526TID-HDD is a better choice.

Thanks Snips,

On another related note. If I wanted to just upgrade my existing 525ST-MSD transducer with a 1KW until. Is there one that would fit the same fairing block? Or would I have to replace the whole unit with the fairing block...that being said if I have to replace everything than it make sense to go with the 526TID-HDD...is this much bigger than my current unit? Remember my boat is a 23'. I've got the room...just want to make sure I don't order something for a 40'+ and I don't want to make any more holes on my hull just the one I already ready have...


I don't know of any 1kw transducers that will fit in a 600 watt housing. If you want all the features to work on the 587 I would use the 526TID-HDD. If you didn't need ACCU-FISH or the Bottom Discrimination modes you could use the wider beam 556TID-HWD since you fish shallow most of the time.


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