FCV 629 Shuts Down Turning Ignition Key

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Hi Everyone

First post here. Hopefully we can come up with an answer to my problem.

I've have the 620 for about 3 years. This year the FF shuts off whenever the ignition key is turned off or on.
Not sure if this is normal but the other electronics also shut off for 1 second but return back on.

Any ideas?
I am guessing that you have the FCV620?
It sounds like your unit is shutting down due to improper power being provided to the unit. The unit will try to protect itself from damage from bad power by shutting down. In cases of starting your boat motors; this is normally because the batteries don't have enough amps to make both your starter and the FCV620 happy. If power drops or has noise on it during the motor start process, the unit will shutdown to protect itself. You should fix the power issue because if it continues it can damage the unit. Some users put a power filter/booster like a Newmar StartGuard to protect the electronics. http://www.newmarpower.com/DC_Power_Con ... oners.html
Overall, it sounds like you have a power issue that needs to be addressed.
So it could be getting low voltage (bad connection) and shuts off between the ignition turn?
It is NOT a connection problem.

It WOULD be due to poor power (too high, too low, or noise spikes on DC power line). Even if power is bad for a split second, the unit will go into protection mode. The cause of the problem is normally weak/bad batteries or a boat starter that is throwing noise on your DC voltage lines. Lower cost electronics will just let your unit get damaged but the FCV620 will attempt to protect itself. In summary, the problem you are seeing is not an issue with your sounder but the boat power. You might want to contact your local servicing dealer.
If that is the case can I remove the terminals (pos/neg) from the fuse block and put them on the same terminals that the GPS is on (it is the same fuse block though).

The GPS (and radio) also seems to shut down for a second but returns on turning the key either off or on (not to the point of starting the engine only acc).

Or would that make a difference?

Is the 620 just more "sensitive" and would still do the same thing?
If you are not starting the engines, then it could be that something is shorting your power or pulling your batteries down; when you turn to that key position. Again, it would be a boat problem not the Furuno unit. If you doubt the Furuno unit, please send the unit into our service center for an evaluation. If you need help with your boat's electrical system, I am not really the person to ask. You might try a more general boating forum like www.TheHullTruth.com

Yes. Just turning the key to on causes a 1-2 second "outage" of all the electronics. But the Furuno does not come back on.

I'm also a member at THT and some posts said it could be a bad ground or wiring to the unit. But even though the other electronics shut down then restart can it just be the Furuno? Furuno just "more sensitive"?
Most Furuno equipment is designed to stay down/off, if power is cut or unstable. (normal) This protects the unit.

It would be like turning the main breaker to your house On,Off,On with everything in-use and in-operation. Not a good idea...

If you yank power even for a small period of time, the unit will turn off to protect itself and stay off. Once you determine you have stabilized your boat power; you then would need to turn the unit "ON" yourself.

Yes, Furuno protects itself and your investment better than many lower quality units. If you wish for the unit to power up and down automatically, as you toggle the boat power, it won't.
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