FCV-600L sounder, repair or replace



I recently bought a 1998 boat that has a model FCV-600L color LCD sounder in it. When I first tried it, the sounder would turn on, but the screen was nearly impossible to see even with the "brill" adjusted to max. Now it doesn't even turn on, it only beeps. I've checked the voltage at the plug and it is ok so I'm sure it is not something simple like a blown fuse.

I have sent two emails to Furuno within the last two weeks with no response.

Is it worth repairing this or would that be a waste of money and I'd be better off replacing? It looks like it was a very nice instrument in it's day.
You can send the unit to Furuno and we can check it out. The cost would be $100 which would be applied to any repair if it is needed and you approve. However, I would suggest that you take a look at the FCV620. It is the same size screen, but much brighter in direct sunlight. It also outputs 600 watts versus the FCV600L at 350 watts. Your existing 10 pin transducer would plug right in.
You can view a short tutorial on the FCV620 here:
http://www.furunousa.com/Learning%20Cen ... v620_e.swf

Thanks for that input. It sounds like it would be better to replace it than take a chance on spending well over $100 to fix an old unit. That money would be better spent on a modern one.
Is the 620s power cord also compatible with the 600 in addition to its transducer cable?
The FCV-627 uses the same 10-pin transducer plug as the 600L. The power connection is not the same but is supplied with the sounder.