FCV 588 Transducer Options

I am considering replacing an FCV 585 with the latest model FCV 588. Currently I am using a TM258 1KW transducer and would like to continue to use this. The 588 has, Rez Boost, Accu Fish and Bottom Discrimination capability. I do not know if the 585 is equipped with any of these capabilities or if I am currently using them if they do exist, but would like to know what capability I will have with the 588 / TM258 combination if I go thru with the 588 purchase ? Thanks in advance for any info.
Bright idea,
Thank you for your inquiry. In order to provide bottom discrimination, accu fish, and rez boost the transducer will compare the returns from the high frequency from those of the low frequency. We can only accomplish this if the transducers beam angles themselves are within spec. While your current TM258 (furuno p/n 525TID-TMD) is an excellent transducer, however the 14x23 degree and 3x5 degree beam angle of this transducer are not compatible with the above features.
Thanks I have the ability to connect to a P66 in the same console. I realize that I will not be utilizing the 1 kw capability of the 258 but is the P66 able to utilize the bottom discrimination, accufish and rezboost ? I have a 1971F unit in the same console and it has actually been connected to the P66. I have really never looked at the sonar due to this unit being utilized for navagation. Possibly, I should consider some time exploring the capabilities of this unit at 600w or step up to a transom mount transducer that would fully utilize the capabilities of the 1971F ?
Bright Idea,

Keep in mind that the GP1971F also has Rezboost, ACCU-Fish, and Bottom Discrimination capabilities with the unit's built-in Fish finder that is connected to the AIRMAR P-66 Transducer.

So, I would just leave the FCV585 that is connected to the TM258 transducer as the fish finder as you are fishing deep, and then use the GP1971F with the AIRMAR P-66 transducer when you are fishing in the shallow areas that will benefit with the Rezboost, ACCU-Fish, and Bottom Discrimination features.

Another items that you need to be aware of: When using either ACCU-Fish or Bottom Discrimination, the fish finder's High and Low Frequencies are alternative transmitting, regardless of the current display selection. This will cause the unit's TX Rate to be slowed.

The Bottom Discrimination feature is active between 16 ft - 328 ft, and with a speed of 10 knots or less. The ACCU-Fish feature operates between 6 1/2 ft to 328 ft. Any shallower or any deeper, then the fish may not be accurately measured.

- Deep Blue 🙂