FCV 587 losing bottom detail



Please Help: I own an Edgewater 225 Center Console with a 20 degree transom angle. My electronics include the Furuno FCV 587 with an Airmar 525STID-PWD (P-66) 600 W Transom mount Transducer (new since Mar. 2013)

All functions on the FCV 587 work great except, when going about 20-25 MPH, I am getting "Breaks" (gaps) in bottom indication. The faster I go the more "Breaks" (gaps) I see. When going slower than 20 MPH, the "Breaks" in the bottom are minimal.

I have pictures of the current position of my Airmar Transducer. I can send them if you need them. In talking with the technicians in Denton, MD, they suggested I take measurements on the hull of my Transducer and contact the Sonar expert through the Forum.

Measurements are as follows:
[*] Prop hard to STB - Prop swing radius to the left edge of Transducer is 4.75 inches NOTE: When the engine is straight, the swing radius of the prop to the left edge of the Transducer is 8.5 inches.
[*] Bottom of Keel to the Left edge of Transducer is 18.75 inches.
[*] Left edge of Trim Tab (toward Keel) to the Right edge of Transducer is 8.75 inches.
[*] Left edge of Transducer (toward Keel) is 3/8 inch below the angle of the transom and is parallel to the water.

To help eliminate breaks in the bottom detail, where can the transducer be placed since I only have 4.75 inches from the swing radius of the prop?
Transom mounts are really hard to attain smooth water flow at higher speeds. If you are able to post a couple of pictures that would really be helpful in better visualizing your installation.

I have 6 pictures in "my documents" on my computer. How do I move each picture from "my documents" to somewhere that you can see them?

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I will normally place the screen shots on my Desktop. Then all you have to do is to Click on the Browse button and select your Desktop. Scroll down to find the picture then click on the ADD THE FILE. This allows you add one picture at a time.



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I put the 6 pictures on my desktop. I have windows XP. When I right click on the picture on my desktop, it does not show "add the file".
How do I move the pictures from my desktop to somewhere you can view them?

I know how to send pictures via email but have never been involved in the forum.
Hope you can help me.
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