FCV 585 not showing fish



I have a FCV 585 Sounder attached to an airmar M260 1KW in hull transducer. The sounder was returned to the factory last year and firmware updated and checked out. I have never had a good response from fish in the ocean. It seldom ever shows fish symbol at any depth. I have spent some time floating over some shipwrecks here in florida and cannot get much return from fish . I have sent some pictures of the setup with unit in manual gain. I have tried fish setting as well


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I have not tried nor tested the M-260 with ACCU-FISH. How thick and what kind of hull are you trying to shoot through?

Snips I have contacted the boat manufacture and the following reply was given . I am trying to get more info
I do not have an exact answer on the thickness on that area because it is not a common area we cut out at the factory.
That area will be much thicker than further up the V in the hull because it is an area where the fiberglass overlaps.
It does not have any coring material in it so it will be solid fiberglass.
Let me know if you need anything else.
It would be interesting to find out exactly the hull thickness where you have the M-260 mounted. In the mean time you can try using the 585 while not using ACCU-FISH. When AF is turned on the sounder uses both frequencies and goes into a Auto Power/Pulse length mode. Try setting the output power to 10 and not using ACCU-FISH to see if that helps.

Thanks I have been out of town past week I will try it this week and let you know.
What do you think of the Chirp sounders by Furuno versus other manufactures ?
From our testing I think we stack up pretty well against our competitors.