FCV-295, DFF1-UHD with M265LH & TM275LHw


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Hi Snips, I've a m260 box on my existing boat with a Garmin. Was not very happy with the detail of garmin fish finder, while waiting for my new boat in a few months time, I've the FCV 587 & P66 installed, pending a TM260 as well.

I'm thinking of during my existing boat to test out my future setup for my new boat. So below is my thoughts that will need your commends:

1. Use my M260 in-hull box to install a M265LH. Borrow my friend FCV-295 and test this setup? I knows the FCV-295 doesn't have bottom discrimination & accu-fish. But most of my boaters friends are using Raymarine, garmin and Lowrance. From some of the chirp sonar I'm seeing from their boat, I'm not happy with their bottom discrimination. Is this a "chirp technology" shortfall?

2. I will be installing my TM260 with my FcV587, is this setup got thru 100m/330ft to read bottom with bottom discrimination? So I can use a FCV -295 with TM275LHW? To mark fish? I prefer a wider cone. Is TM265LH at the wide 25 degree is the same?

3. Just jump straight into DDF1-UHD and a M265LH or TM265 or TM275? U have any solid sonar photo of DDF1-UHD showing accu-fish and bottom discrimination? Upto 150m?

I was thinking of this setup initially - DDF1-UHD with M265LH for fish marking & bottom discrimination from 60m to 120m + fcv587 with p66 for marking baitfish due to potential wide cone coverage to 45 degree. Make senses?

My priority is bottom discrimination as I acquired knowledge to read bottom and identify fish hole over 25years of fishing, so this is priority. Wide coverage prefers as some times I fish in reedy deep drops, area of 10m to 30m drop and then to 100m, a wider coverage provide good opportunity for pelagic while trying to locate bottom fish. So all my fishing is top water pelagic or bottom fish, lesser(no) middle water fish.

On chart plotter is TZ Touch 14 way faster and better unit then NavNet 3D MFD12?? Is the MFd12 too old and new model round the corner?
I am out of the office for the next week but I will reply to your questions when I return.

It doesn't matter if the sounder is Chirp or a traditional one, the key to getting the best performance from any sounder starts with the transducer and its location. For this reason I do not favor in-hull transducers. Would you expect the same quality of sound from your home stereo system if your speakers were in a closet?

It is not recommended that ACCU-FISH or the Bottom Discrimination modes be used with in-hull transducers.

The AF and BD modes of DFF1-UHD were designed around the beam widths of 265LH series (B, CM, PM or TM) of the transducers. For these modes to work properly, you need a 4 to 1 difference between the LF and HF beam widths. The 275LHW LF and HF beam widths are close to the same, so we don't recommend the 275LHW if you are going to use those modes.

Yes you can use the 275LHW with the FCV-295. You can try using the LF at 50Khz but you may find out it works better at 42Khz.