FCV 295 and a Chirp Transducer?




I recently purchased a FCV 295 (and a lovely machine too!) :jump . Now my question is around transducers I had planned on using a CA28BL-12HR and the Ca200b-8b 2kw with it. However I have been advised that I may in fact be able to use a Chirp transducer namely a LH AIRMAR "CM599 Broadband CHIRP.

Now is it possible to use the CM599 with the FCV 295 would it give better target identification and flexibility than the CA28BL-12HR and the Ca200b-8b

I suppose my main concern is if I can successfully use the 295 with the chirp how do I configure the unit to lets say the CM 599LH being that it isn't a unusual companion to this unit? eg. Lets say I wanted to sound in 600m using 38khz and 9 degree beam width, then I decided to go to 28khz and use the 23 degree beam width how would it be done? :sorry

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You can use the CM-599 with the FCV-295 but know that the sounder is blocked out from transmitting in three frequency ranges, 53-65, 111-139 and 171-183Khz. You could set the LF frequency for 36Khz with the bandwidth setting at 18Khz, this would allow you to slew the frequency from the center frequency of 36khz up to 45Khz or down to 27Khz. But you should take another look at the transducers bam width. At 28Khz it is 23 degrees wide by 11 forward/aft and at 60Khz it is 9 degrees wide by 5 degrees forward/aft. Is the CM-599 a better choice than the CA28BL-12HR, it really depends on your fishing style. If you are going slow the narrow forward/aft beam width of the CM-599 will work OK. If you tend to look for fish at higher speed I would give the wider beam of the 12HR the edge. Also know that the 12HR has a 10khz range so you can use it from 23 to 33Khz.

An excellent reply Snips most appreciated! :respect You have cleared up a problem and given me a better grasp of the 295 and transducers in one reply.

Most of my sounding is done between 5 to 10knts, the beam width in relation to this is something a have never really understood, as far as how it applies to boat speed its great to get that cleared up :D

Again many thanks!! :respect :respect :respect
Here is another thought for you. The beam width of the 12HR is 16 x 21.5 degrees, with the 16 degrees being forward/aft. The shape of 12HR is 210mm x 160mm with the 210mm going forward/aft. If your mounting style allows it you can rotate the transducer by 90 degrees which will put the wider beam width forward/aft rather than port/starboard.


Yes my mounting method will allow me to play with the transducer rotation. If I can do that it would certainly give me additional coverage where it is needed, whilst being cost effective many thanks for the suggestion :respect :D