FCV-1150 Settings Help !



Let me start off by saying I'm a long time garmin electronics user whom recently bought his first furuno machine and couldn't be more excited ! I bought a FCV-1150 and paired it with a Airmar-B275LHW. I live in Ft Myers, Fl where we mostly bottom fish for grouper and snapper. We fish wrecks, bottom, and ledges any where from 50-300ft of water. A few times a year we may run deep to deep drop anywhere from 300-1200ft of water. The problem I'm having is I can't seem to get the machine dialed in just right. The bottom imagine is very blurry or almost puffy looking. Just blob looking stuff on the bottom, there's no sharpness to the picture. I've played with gain dial find the best picture I can on LF is set at around 5. I never see the sharp fish shapes that I've seen in pictures posted on this site. I've only had this machine a few months so I'm very new to it. The screen rate I have it set on now is 2/1. If someone could point me in some direction that would be great !

Standin By
Pork Chop,
Welcome to the forum, you find it as great place to ask questions. The 1150 is a terrific sounder so congratulations on your choice. It is tough to offer suggestions without seeing a screen shot or settings but here are a few tips. The beam widths between the LF and HF sides of the 275 are very similar. Since they are around 20-25 degrees I would suggest using a screen advance rate of 1/1. At 2/1 you are stretching all your targets. I would also make sure that the TX rate is set at 20 and TX power at 10. I would also try changing your LF frequency down to 42Khz. Below is a screen shot from a test I did using the B-265LH, this transducer has the same LF side as the 275. Here you can see how changing the LF frequency affected fish detection. Hopefully these setting changes will help. If not, please take a screen shot and let me know what settings you are using and I will try to help you further.


Thanks for the kind words and quick response. I will apply those changes and get some screen shots on the next run !