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In the FAX-30 documentation it is not said if the time in the scheduler is in UTC time - which i guess is. And it is said also that the FAX-30 get its time either from a Navnet3D or a PC, but is it capable to keep it precise thereafter and for how long ?

I ask because the FAX-30 is left on at night (and day) to receive Navtex and Weatherfax but the Navnet3D is open only at navigation time (closed when we are anchored or docked).

A limitation of the FAX-30 is that there seems to be no way of knowing which timethe FAX-30 has in its memory....thus making the diagnosis of why a program was not received difficult. As i missed something ?
As stated in the manual: The FAX-30 does not have an internal clock, so time is input from a NavNet display or the PC. (For a PC-only configuration, time data is read when the browser accesses the FAX-30. Therefore, turn on the FAX-30 before accessing it from the PC to allow for input of time data, which is necessary for facsimile timer recording.)

This means that when you first power up the FAX30 it either needs to get ZDA (time and date) from the NavNet or if you are using a PC, you need to log into the unit with the browser so that the FAX30 can get current time and date. Once it has the time, you can power "Off" the NavNet (or log out and turn off PC) and the FAX30 will keep it's time until the next time power is turned off of it. Fax30 system time resets to the default time 19xx/1/1 0:00 when power is removed.

You are correct. The FAX30 uses UTC time from the NavNet. If you are using an older FAX30 with the NN3D, it is recommended to have current (v5.01) software in the FAX30.

Both Signal Strength and Signal to noise is shown an many of the screens when accessing the FAX30 without running the self test. The self test only does an internal test of limited circuits. If you find you have poor SN and or SS, it is most likely related to the jumper (active/wire) being set wrong in the FAX30 or improper grounding of the optional FAX5 coupler at the antenna.
I'm running FAX-30 with my Windows 8.1 PC only, no NavNet. Is it normal that Fax-30 is running on local computer time and not UTC? When I first set up my timed WX Fax Rx according to UTC I could not get anything. After re-configuring Timer to the local time it works OK. It is really frustrating as it requires me to reconfigure my FAX-30 timer every time the local time changes on my computer and time is being adjusted to Daytime or Standard.
Yes it is normal for the Fax30 to use the time of the PC. You can set the PC to UTC, or figure everything in local time. This is automatic so you can't keep the Fax30 from using the PC time.
Using the local time instead of the UTC time is not 'normal', and should be considered as a bug, and should have been fixed since a long time...

more background:
We run into this problem:


then a direct connection PC-FAX30 on a separate network is the only way to use the FAX-30. Our PC require to have local time because of other applications...