FAR2117BBDC Radar & SC50 Sat Compass


Furuno Fan

I have upgraded Play d'eau with the above radar and sat compass and I have a question.

Which output from the SC50 should I use - the AD10 or Serial?

Thank you - and my apologies for such a seemingly silly question!

Not to step on Melville and without having to play 20 questions; AD10 is normally the answer because IMO requires it. AD10 is a 4 wire heading and tends to be more robost compaired to NMEA when it comes to noise. Will NMEA 0183 work?; yes.
By default the AD10 is better. (25ms)
To do the same with NMEA 0183 you must change the update rate from default to the fastest setting (25ms) (see page 2-11 of your manual).
Once changed the data update/quality would be equal.
Hi Johnny Electron,

Thanks so much for this. Understood. Can I ask one last question, please? Can you confirm please if it's an IMO requirement to feed AD10 and not NMEA? I ask this because my UK installer is saying it isn't - so clarification would be really helpful.

Thank you.

The commerical tech I spoke with was mistaken. Talking with another tech; he said "Either AD10 or IEC61162-2 (High speed NMEA, 38400 baud) will work for IMO".
Thanks Johnny Electron - that's cleared it up. BTW, I love the radar screen, so now all I need to do is learn how to use it!

Hopefully I program it for North Up, Relative motion, and then be able to switch between relative vectors (for collision info) and true vectors (for target aspect).

Makes sense?
Hi Piers,
Makes perfect sense!
To change the radar to North up RM, you can just press the mode key (#3). Also, the vector mode can be changed by just pressing the vector key (#8).
Brilliant - thank you. I knew it was the right radar to get. It will feature in an article on all the upgrades I've had done over the last six months to Play d'eau (Fleming 55) in a forthcoming Motor Boat and Yachting mag article.