FAR-28x7 model FAR-21x7(-BB)



I Have a FAR21x7 Marine radar. The radar has lost all heading input into the display box in the upper right corner of the display. In addition the radar is only functioning in a relative mode with no AIS or TT features available. I have tried to go to the heading menu to correct the input,(serial/AD-10), but there is still no data displayed.

I believe the Radar has been set back to factory defaults. Any help is appreciated as I am offshore with only one operational radar with AIS, TT, correct speed and heading displayed
Hello Jon,

Without heading data, the AIS and TT will not operate. Also, the radar will only display heads up relative motion.

Where is the heading data coming from? The FAR28x7 radar will only use true heading in the IEC61162 or AD10 format. If the radar is set in the IMO mode, heading must be brought in at a 38400 baud rate.
I am not sure what input format the data is coming in at. I know that the secondary radar is set for serial input and I believe coming from one of the 3 gyros on board.. Is there are way to check these ? I attempted to access the instillation menu as the manual states but could not.
I would open the processor and check to see where the heading is connected. If is connected to Heading J605, then it should be set on serial, if connected to J608, it should be set on AD10. I'll PM you on how to get into the installation menu.