FAR 2827 & 2837S software upgrdaes



Who is authorized to complete upgades to the firmware/software on Radars? Is any authorized dealer able to complte? Will Furuno charge for upgrade or will it be free?

Thanks Brian
As this commercial radar falls under IMO rules/certification, you should be working with an authorized dealer for your service. If you were to send the processor into the service center, we (Furuno USA) generally conduct software updates (not hardware or replaceable firmware) at no cost (other than your shipping costs). Once a unit is updated/reprogrammed; it would need to be setup and configured. Since this unit has many protected areas only accessible/available to servicing dealers; you would still need a dealer to configure the unit. It would be much easier to have the dealer conduct the entire process. When you weigh the shipping costs, over the extra labor from the dealer; the dealer normally comes in lower without the extra effort on your part.