Error message for "SendError" to be defined


Furuno Super Fan
Trying to put an anchor alarm on the MFD12 is yielding the following message:

Error message for "SendError" to be defined

Alarm are set to internal. What is the cause of this message and how to remediate please.

This is an odd problem that I have never heard of before. I would recommend that you ensure you have the most current software in your unit. If you do, please backup your data to a SD card. (MENU - FILES - Export User settings.... then export your points and routes)

Once you have backed up any needed settings/data, you should conduct a factory reset of the unit. (HOLD CANCEL when powering up the unit, until it enters the INSTALLATION WIZARD) This will take about 3 minutes.

After setting up the unit and restoring your files, if it still has a problem then it should be COMBO updated with a SD card.