Engine Parameters


Furuno Super Fan
I connected a NoLand RS11 to the NMEA 2000 network. Getting tach readings and water temp readings for both engines but no oil pressure readings - not even a needle showing anywhere. The NoLand unit is reading the voltage off of the gages correctly. Are there any known engine parameter issues for oil pressure or did I miss enabling something. TZT14 and Noland both set up for PSI units on oil pressure.
I checked with NoLand and it does provide oil pressure in the same PGN as the water temp.
PGN 127489 should transmit oil pressure as well as the oil temperature. It does not transmit water temp.

You might need an N2K analyzer to see what is actually being transmitted.
By Water Temp, I meant Engine Temp. We were able to get it to work by tricking the system. I needed to configure the RS11 to transmit Oil Temp even though the Furuno unit does not use this. NoLand claims they have only run into this issue with the TZT displays. There may be a bug in the Furuno software which requires a value for Oil Temp in the PGN string. NoLand said they would be willing to provide Furuno an RS11 free of charge for you to test with.