DSC on MFD12


I have a Standard Horizon GX 1500S radio with DSC. I have painstakenly connected it to my MFD12. The MFD and Radio manuals say that when a DSC signal is received its possition will show up on the MFD. I have asked friends to send me DSC possition replys. They do NOT show up on my MFD. Should they? Is it only a DSC distress signal that will display?

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Randy NIni
How exactly have you connected it? You should see position data for any type of DSC all and you do not need to 'tick' any boxes in the Instal Wizard routines to make this happen. So the fault must be either in the way you have wired it or in the radio itself (less likely). Many Std Horizon radios are configured as 'single ended talkers', meaning they don't have In+ and In- direct connections to the Furuno gear. They have a DSC Out wire (which should go to a In+ on the MFD) and a 'NMEA Common Ground' which should go to the NMEA In- of the same Furuno port: is this how you connected?
Yes, that is how I wired it, verified with Furuno and Standard Horizion. Had to send original radio back to Standard Horizion to fix glitch in when the radio sent out DSC distress siginal. Still get no possition when other DSC radio sends me possition with the "fixed" radio.

The question is, Should I get MFD possition plot when sent possition from a DSC radio, or only when distress signal is sent?

You would normally see the position of all DSC calls irrespective of type UNLESS sender has specifically programmed their radio NOT to send position. This is only possible on some, not all, DSC radios. Standard Horizon for example has the facility to program not to send position for non-emergency DSC broadcasts on some of their models. But normally, you would see position on MFD
I have confirmed the wiring is correct. I have used a hand held DSC capable VHF to "talk" to my onboard radio. I get data on both radios, but no icon on the MFD. When I use the port monitor for port 2, I get unintellagble data. That tells me that the radio is connected correctly as it is sending data, but for some reason, the MFD is unable to "understand" the data.
I get unintellagble data

It sounds like you have the baud rate set wrong or an issue with the output from the radio.

You should clearly see the $ (dollar sign) then the two char talker ID, then DSC... and data when looking at the port monitor for the port which you have wired the data. (When DSC is initiated)
I also sent the radio to Standard Horizon, they confirm up to date firm ware and that their test chart plotter received the input from the radio.
This must be frustrating for you. I have two (different) Standard Horizon DSC radios and both connect fine to my MFD12. May be a NMEA wiring error/conflict? Did you check radio is not programmed to only send position in full Distrress mode?
Have you verified your MFD12 is running 2.07 software? (Important)

Maybe you can take a screen shot of your port monitor so we can see the NMEA data coming into the port? Aquabelle is right that you might have the NMEA wiring wrong or the wiring is getting bleed over/conflict with something else. If you can provide a photo of the data of your port monitor when you conduct the DSC along with a screen shot of the port settings; we might find something more helpful.

If all else fails, you can always send your MFD into our factory service center for testing.