DRS4DNXT install


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I am installing a DRS4DNXT radar on the hard top of my Parker 2510 walk-around, along with a SCX-20, a VHF antenna, and a backup Garmin GPS antenna. The SCX-20 and Garmin GPS antennas are mounted on 1 foot long fiberglass antenna extensions with stainless steel ratchet antenna mounts to get them above the radar beam. They are mounted less than 2 feet away from the periphery of the radar however. I have moved the VHF antenna mounted on a stainless steel ratchet mount about 6 feet away from the SCX-20 and the radar. This is as far as I could move it and still mount it on the hard top.

1) Do I need to be concerned about the SCX-20, Garmin GPS, and VHF antenna stainless steel antenna ratchet mounts being so close to the radar (since they are metal)? Do I need to exchange them for plastic ratchet mounts?

2) Will the VHF antenna mounting location cause a problem for the SCX-20's longevity as it is within 6 feet of the SCX-20?

Any suggestions?

Johnny Electron

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As long as you have 3 feet from the VHF and the SCX20; you are okay there. (sounds like you have six)
The steel ratchet is likely to be okay. The Garmin GPS and SCX20 can be really close together without any issue as they are both receive devices.