DRS4D radar integration

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I am looking at upgrading my radar and plugging it direct into MaxSea TZ Hub.

If I get a a DRS4D do I need the PSU17 power supply as well?

And is there anything else I need to get as well?
To see radar on the MaxSea TZ software from a NN3D or TZtouch system it must be the "Explorer" version. The "Navigator" version will not see radar. You can not just add a radar. The radar has to be part of an existing TZtouch or NN3D system that has at least one MFD as part of the radar system.
Furuno USA doesn't support that configuration. They must have done some modifications to allow the system to work without an MFD. You would need to work with them, directly.
I have a Furuno DRS4D Radar working with my MaxSea Timezero Explorer v2.0.3 software, with my TZT14 switched off.
The radar is powered with a PSU017.
The Ethernet cables between the DRS4D, PC, FA50 (AIS) and TZT14 (switched off) are connected via a Netgear switch (GS108). It is important that an independent switch is used (a hub would probably work as well), rather than using the Ethernet connections at the back of the TZT14, as switching the TZT14 off would stop the network from working if the TZT14 connections were used.
In MaxSea, I selected Menu->Options->Initial Setup->Advanced Settings->Radar Connection->"NavNet TZtouch" or "FAR 21x7". Do not select "Automatic" for the Radar Connection option as the radar does not show up in Maxsea if the TZT14 is not switched on. The "Advanced Settings" option is at the very bottom of the "Initial Settings" page.
With the above configuration ("NavNet TZtouch" selected), I am able to run the radar in Maxsea independently of the TZT14 - it does not matter if the TZT14 is switched on or not or even if the Ethernet cable from the TZT14 is disconnected.
With the TZT switched on and its ethernet cable connected, I can run the radar from either the TZT14 or Maxsea.
I have not done any modifications to the system. The software on the DRS4D was upgraded to version 16:03:03:02 (version per the TZT14 'Sensor List" menu), when the technician in the USA installed the TZT14 and PSU017 (both supplied by Furuno USA).
I suspect that I would have been able to run the DRS4D from Maxsea even if I had never had a MFD, provided the software version on the DRS4D was correct.
Neilsyl, regarding your post earlier this year on the DRS4D working directly into Maxsea Explorer - I have the latest v2.04 loaded on a very capable Toughbook PC (Win7 64 etc) and at this stage have no NavNet MFD's planned for installation.
I havea basic system all working nicely complete with the DFF1 Sounder Module enabled working through an ethernet switch into the PC and the GPS Nav data I/O by way of an Actisense NMEA0183/USB (USG-1) into the PC. Now its time for a radar connection to complete the Maxsea PC system and I have the DRS4D ready to install via a PSU012 and hopefully connect straight into the ethernet switch just like the DFF1.
(All of the Furuno components mentioned have been purchased from Furuno USA in the last year). I'm a bit anxious about getting this radar addition to work with Maxsea Explorer and was very relieved to see your post about your success.
Can you add any further to you experience with the radar connection without a NavNet MFD?
It should work. We do Radar direct to PC (No MFD at all) every now and then here in Australia. It is mostly a matter of having correct IP addressing and software settings in Maxsea. There is currently a Maxsea system set-up behind me on the work bench that has a DRS plugged into it.
Hi Spectrum. In short, no. I'd suggest giving it a go and if you have any specific questions, please ask.
Thanks Rusty and neilsyl for your comment.
Rusty, in my Maxsea Explorer (v2.02) I notice going to menu {Options}{Initial Setup}{Advanced Settings} and in the Radar field are {Activation} and {Radar Connection} options available. In the Radar Connection field there are 5 options available including "StandAlone' which is what I would choose without an MFD at this stage.
Does the DRS4D need a firmware tweak or update for IP Adress detection by Maxsea and if so, will this affect later when I want to fit a flybridge MFD into the system.
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