drs2d software update



I have just received my DRS2D dome from the gpsstore.
it looks like the firmware version is 1.13
how can i update this firmware with a PC ?
Thank you,
Is it normal that i have received a v1.13 DRS, I have just purchased it from the gps store last week ??
My model must have been standing long time on shelf ,
Is there any change in hardware since v1.16 has been released.
Do you think , I SHould return this radar and ask for an up to date model ??
All DRS units had v1.13 software until we started shipping TZtouch units at the end of May 2012. It is normal for a dealer to have some stock on hand prior to this; hence the reason for the provided instructions explaining how to update the DRS. The hardware is exactly the same and the only change was to accommodate the TZtouch system. For the NN3D it doesn't really matter if you are using v1.13 or v1.16. If you have TZtouch, the update process is much easier than trying to conduct a store return but that is between you and your dealer.