Display actual photos of harbor entrances?



How can I display a single photo of the entrance to a harbor. Is it only by overlay on the chart in 3d or is there a way to just see a separate photo of an entrance.
The only photos supported by the system is SAT photos which can be overlayed. You can not view photos otherwise.
Can those photos be see in 3D, so you can see your way into a harbor?
Is there a way to see a 3D underwater view of the ocean/harbor floor ? This is particularly helpful in unknown harbors. I had this on a previous boat with a 2008 vintage RayMarine E120 with Navionics Platinum Plus chip.
There is no underwater 3D view. However, if you use the depth shading feature (in 2D or 3D) it will help you distinguish the bottom easily. Please be aware though that these are charted depth features, as with Navionics Platinum Plus, and are only as good as the last survey. In some areas of the world this could be many years or storms ago.