DFF3 and MFD12


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I have been trying to set a 20m window with automatic shift on the MFD12 with DFF3 and no luck!!!

Can anyone please advise how to do this as with my fcv295 this was very easy and once set all I would do is adjust gain when fishing in the deep

Thanks in advance if you can help
For example say I am fishing at 100m, the sounder would then show the depth from 105-85m (20 meter window) and if we go deeper to 150m then display from 155-135 meter window.

That's how we have the FCV295 setup and its great as you always see about 15m above the bottom.

Would like to know how to enable this as that's how I have run all my Furuno sounders.

Please note I understand bottom lock feature and zoom but with the mfd12 I have to continue to increase the range and since I only bottom fish am only interested in the 20 meter window.

Well having your Auto Range turned on from the roto-key will allow the sounder to adjust the range, to keep bottom displayed on the screen. Like you said there is bottom lock or bottom zoom to look at just the area around the bottom. You can also shift up and down the water column using the scrolling pad up and down arrows.

Snapshot of auto-shift on 295, would be great if the dff3 had this option.


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Thanks Johnny would be great if next software update had this as I feel like the dff3 is a backward step at this time.
I doubt if it will be in the next update but I will ensure they are aware of the missing feature. Reading the manual, there is a comment that leads me to believe they intended to have that feature but somehow forgot to add it. Thanks for pointing it out.