details of a maxsea tz explorer track

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I would like to get the details of a track with Maxsea tz explorer. when loading the .TZD file, I get a message saying I have 800 000 points. Looking at the track, it appears correctly on the map, and in the table, I get start &stop date, and 160 000 points in that track (700 nm).

I'd like to get individual coordinates (or at least for a portion of the track) and any other data potentially associated (cog, sog, etc...). There is no logbook (journal de bord) for this track

Is this possible ? how ?

thanks for the help

The track management for the current recreational version of MaxSea TimeZero (Navigator and Explorer) is totally different from MaxSea “Classic” V12.

MaxSea TimeZero will keep an “infinite track” in the background that is “recalled” by the user in two ways:
-A Trail with a specific amount of time behind the boat (this is called the “Active Track”)
-A Track History; where the user can define the middle point (date and time) and a “span” around it (up to 12H)

This concept is very powerful for users that always forgot to turn their track ON when they needed it. MaxSea TZ recreational keeps an infinite log of the boat position.
If a customer wants to go back to port from a day trip, he just needs to turn ON the active track (the “trail”) and have it setup to show 12 or 24 H behind the boat). If a customer wants to go navigate on the same passage he did a week before (or months!), he can use the “Track History” (right click on the “Track” icon in the Ribbon and choose the date from the calendar).

Per the manual you can choose what data is stored with each trackpoint by choosing from the selected items under - MaxSea Options - Ship & Track - Track Data recorded button.

You might also refer to the thread where we discussed this topic before.
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