Depth Reading




I have (2) RDP-149 displays, GPS receiver, Sounder Box and I think the Airmar R199 2kW dual frequency transducer. I notice I lose the depth display value when moving at different speeds in shallow water. I'm guessing that it may be due to air bubbles under the hull or something?? Is there a way to get my current system to accurately display the depth or another product that will work effectively while the boat is moving? Some of the water I navigate has moving sand bars and not a clearly defined channel and I depend on the depth reading to know if the depth changes suddenly..... The average water depth I'm looking at is somewhere between 10' to 3'....


You are most likely correct that air or turbulence of some kind is affecting your readings in shallow water. In addition a 2kW sounder is not the best solution for “skinny water” readings. My best suggestion is to consider adding a dedicated low power digital system. Our RD33 with a smart sensor would give you reliable readings in water as shallow as 2’. To better understand this low power solution here is a link to the product page: ... nstruments
Your local Furuno dealer will be able to assist you in a decision.

Thank you, I will look at this unit, also one other question, is there any type of fairing I can build on the hull where the transducer is mounted that would smooth the water out?


Yes, that is the one..... okay, I'm considering adding the smaller depth finder with smart sensor for shallow water navigation..... as recommended by you earlier..... thanks