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When viewing in 3D mode, is there a way to determine the bottom depth of any particular point seen on screen? It seems like there must be, but I can't figure that out and can't find it in the manual.
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What version of MaxSea are you using: IE. MaxSea Classic version 12.6.4, MaxSea Time Zero?
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When MaxSea TZ is open, please choose the Navigation or Planing tab at the top of the screen. Once you are on one of those tabs you will see some pop out menu's on the right hand side of the screen. They will be labeled either Navigation or Planning. Please choose one of those tabs to edit the data boxes associated with the display tab that you are on.
When you are looking at the data boxes you will want to make sure that you see a data box that has cursor information. If you do not see the cursor data box please left click on the "+" option, that will allow you to choose a number of different data boxes and analog displays.
To see the depth associated with the loaded bathymetric data on your computer please choose the data box that says cursor information. Once that is available move your cursor over a point on the chart and you will see the depth associated to the cursor position.
The problem I am having is getting the cursor to focus on a point. I get the display, and it works sometimes, but often all I get is the hand -- no vertical bar to indicate the depth point. Moving the hand around will eventually give me that verical line, and then there will be depth (and other) data in the box, but moving the hand back toward the desired point will quickly cause the vertical line and depth data to be lost. Zooming in doesn't seem to help (and in displaying steep underwater terrain, it sometimes causes the display to go crazy). Any other advice? (Going to 2d mode isn't real useful.)

I am having a similar problem creating marks -- I can't put them where I want as the cursor disappears when I move it close to where I want.

What am I doing wrong?
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Can you give me a Lat/Long where you are experiencing the cursor with no vertical bar so I can verify it with my software? There is a limitation with the digital depth read out on the Cursor Information Window, it cannot show a digital depth over 9,999ft.

When you do not have bathymetry data loaded into MaxSea TZ you will not get the vertical bar while in the 3d mode. Depending on what 3D data you have loaded you may be working in one zone that has data and another zone that does not, hence having the vertical bar show up sometimes and not with others. Please see the links below to download all the bathymetry data available for the US.

What do you mean that the cursor disappears when you try to create a mark?
The attached screenshot shows the 2D view:

Max Sea 2D.jpg

This screenshot shows the same area, just in 3D view:

Max Sea 2.jpg

In 2D mode, I can move the cursor anywhere on the chart and get a lat/lon and depth reading (and you will see a reading on the screen).

In 3D mode, I cannot get any lat/lon or depth reading on most areas of the screen. Moving and rotating the picture does not allow me to get readings on large areas. I am trying to get readings for data I have created. I really want to place marks in 3D mode that I can navigate to in 2D mode. Any advice?
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Maybe this was not a good example but the second picture that you posted shows that you are in the 3D Unllimited mode but it also shows your cursor depth of 286ft?

When you work in the 3D unlimited mode you can choose the 3d elevation and orientation by two different methods,

1.) 3D Unlimited: In this mode, the azimuth and pitch can be freely adjusted by holding the middle click button and moving the mouse. If the mouse does not have a middle button, press and hold the Alt key of the keyboard while moving the cursor.
2.) Orientation : This tool allows moving and changing the chart orientation in the 3D unlimited mode.

To use the orientation tool, click on the gears button at the bottom on your chart manipulation tool bar and add the "3d Orientation." When you left click on the button move the cursor onto the chart hold down the left click button and you will be able to move the chart elevation and orientation. You can also use the roller ball on the mouse to zoom in and out.

It also looks like you are using a very large bathy exaggeration, it will probably look better if you decrease the value a bit. That can be found in the [plotter display] located in the options folder by left clicking on the yellow MaxSea Button on the top left of the screen.

I would also recommend that you download and install the 3d database for the west coast, i provided the links in the previous post. I really think that will help you out.

Let me know how it goes.

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You are right -- not a good example. I took screen shots showing that it worked (sometimes) and not other times. In my haste, I used the wrong one. I will take your advice, above, and re-post if I am still having trouble. Thanks again for your help. -Rick
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