Connecting Single-Ended NMEA Talkers/Listeners


Furuno Super Fan
I have a non-Furuno VHF DSC radio that I'd like to connect to my NN3D system. It has single NMEA Out, single NMEA In and a single NMEA Gnd wiring. What is the right way to send the GPS signal from my Furuno GPS/MFD12 to this radio....and to bring the DSC signal from the radio to my MFD's Port 3 IN connection, given the radio does not have B/- wiring paired with its NMEA OUT and NMEA IN wires, just a single NMEA Common Gnd wire?

thanks in advance.

Johnny: that doesn't look right....p10 case 2 is a single-ened Talker connecting to a single-ended Listener. I'm pretty sure the MFD12's Port 3 IN (which is where I want to bring in the DSC signal from the radio) is a differential listener, which would be p10 case 1. That case says to connect the radio's common NMEA Gnd to the Port 3 IN-ve....have I got that right?

But then when I send the radio the GPS location data using Port 3 OUT, I think page 9 Case 2 is the right reference. In this case, I leave the Port 3 Out -ve un-connected and just let the common DC Gnd of the MFD12 and the radio do what is shown as the Shield connection in the Actisense p9 case 2 example....have I got that right?

The Actisense paper is well put-together: thank you for providing the link.

Yes, you are correct; I should have said case #1.
Your wiring plan is perfect. Don't forget to enter the setup (installation) wizard and put the correct checkmarks on the output port to the VHF. The input will not require any check marks because DSC/DSE are processed automatically by the NN3D when received.