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Hi Guys just trying to work out the footprint of the bottom I am actually looking at .I am using a CA50BL-HR24 in 300 metres of water .It says the transducer has a 9X14 angle,can anyone explain to me if that means a 14 degree cone angle and if so what is the 9 ???.
Thanks Guys
In most cases the shape of the transducer housing will tell you the direction of it
beam(s). If we look at the 50BL-24HR, the 24 means the number of elements. These 24 elements are arranged in a 4 by 6 pattern within the housing. Since the 24HR is a rectangle size one would assume that the wider dimension would have the wider beam angle but it is opposite. One of the general rules in acoustic's is, the more elements a transducer has, the narrower its beam angle. So the 24HR has a narrower beam than the 12HR. Normally it is better to have the widest part of the beam port and starboard.



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Thanks Snips so if I have a beam angle of 9 degrees fore aft how do i work out my footprint in say 300M of water ?. Is there a mathematics equation?.
Regards Stephen