Complete re-fit ?


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Hi Everyone, and greetings from the UK.

This is my first post! I was looking at the Trawler Forum and found that Furuno had recently introduced this forum which is very timely since we are in the middle of looking at a complete refit of our Fleming 55 using Furuno kit, and want to 'push the boat out' so to speak.

Our thoughts are as follows. We'd really appreciate any comments or suggestions. We want the system to be perfect!

1 Using own sourced Hatteland screens, Black box Radar (4' scanner) and black box chart plotter.

2 SC-30 Satellite compass

3 NAVpilot-700 autopilot

4 Airmar ultrasonic log ( to save having to keep cleaning a paddle wheel!

5 FA-50 AIS (Class B transponder)

5 Various FI-50 instruments

Thank you - Piers and Lin
Piers and Lin,
The Airmar sensor wouldn't connect up with your planned system unless you also get the optional Airmar NMEA 0183 interface with it. Your post isn’t clear on what black box system and radar you are looking at. I am guessing looking at a NavNet 3D with a UHD radar or maybe something involving the FAR21X7 radar. The Fleming is a very nice yacht and I have seen many of them fully outfitted with Furuno. I think you will be very happy once you have everything installed. I suggest you work closely with your Furuno dealer/installer there in the UK to make sure you get a great installation. Welcome to the Forum.
The NavNet is network based system, which started in 2002 with the NavNet one series. The Vx2 was an update to that system which started selling in 2005. (Added faster processor, better LCD, support for newer chart cards, AIS support, Sirius Weather support among other things) The NavNet 3D is the newest in the NavNet series. (Released in 2008) There have been improvements and software enhancements to each as they advanced and matured. The NavNet one series is no longer sold. The Vx2 series still offers the 10.4" models. The NavNet 3D offers an 8.4", 12.1, and Black box options. The NavNet 3D can support all the accessories used by the NavNet 1 or Vx2 with exception to the Radar and the processors themselves. (NavNet 1 and Vx2 can be networked together if desired) The NN3D offers an advancement jump with new Ultra High Definition radar scanners and unmatched chart plotting. The NN3D has features that are stock, that previously were options with the Vx2. (like ARPA and composite video input) The Vx2 system has support for NMEA 0183 but the NN3D has support for both NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000. Refitting a boat now, it would almost no question that the NN3D is your answer. If you haven’t seen the dedicated web site ( ) you should take a look. The Flemings that I have seen normally use a MFDBB for the pilot house, with two DVI monitors, and a MFD12 upstairs on the fly bridge. The system works great with a NavPilot 700 or Similar pilot. Sprinkle in the assorted accessories you might want to add to the system and you have one sweet ride.

Thanks for the explanation. I have to admit that having seen the term 'nn3d' before, I hadn't realised it was NavNet 3D - DOH! I thought it was yet another protocol...

So, thanks again.