Collision Detection



On a river, at a barge load and dock facility is it possible using radar to detect and record a collision between between vessels and barges? If the answer is yes, then what products or kinds of products would provide the function? And generally, what kind of cost would be involved?

Thanks in advance

I don't think we have what you are looking for. If you are running a dock area it would seem like video cameras would be your best record for having "proof" or replay of the event. Furuno has commercial radars and VDR (voyage data recorders) for large shipping but the cost wouldn't be really a good fit for your purposes. If you plan to run radar from a land location you would need to clear it with the FCC first. We have a license that allows us to run the marine radars on top of our building for testing etc... I am not sure what your exact needs are, but I could have an area manager contact you directly if you want to Private message me your name & contact info.