COG not displayed on MFD12



On the first start up this season, the COG is missing from the MFD12 data. It worked fine last season, but is not available after sitting over the winter. I use Maretron GPS on the NMEA2000 network. COG is available on the Maretron display, as well as on the Furuno dedicated instrument displays. Troubleshooting on the Maretron system shows that COG is being output by the GPS and is on the network. So I must have a setting wrong on the MFD12.

I've worked through the menus and tried redoing setup, but haven't been able to find the problem.

Over the winter, I did have the GPS firmware updated. But since COG is available on the network and visible on other displays, that doesn't seem a likely cause.

Any ideas?
I would recommend that you run the "Installation Wizard" on your MFD (don't hit skip during the search process) and configure the GLOBAL - DATA SOURCES screen. The unit picked as your Position Source is most likely miss configured. That part of the setup wizard is one of the most important screens in the setup of the unit. I recommend you check that screen every time before leaving the installation mode of the unit. Of course, it is also helpful if you are running current software in your machine. (2.07) I would guess that when the firmware was changed in the GPS, the system moved to a different position source that doesn't provide SOG/COG. (Maybe like our FA50 AIS unit) Correcting the setup, should resolve the issue.