chirp standalone sounder


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Furuno any news on the development of the chirp standalone sounder, this has been very delayed from furuno compared to the other companies....

Have been waiting a long time for this and have always been loyal having only Furuno sounders.

Furuno has always been on the leading position for sounder development till now, am disappointed that there is only a low powered black box version chirp available (dff1-uhd)

Thanks in advance for any updates.
Hi Lukahill -

Thank you for being a loyal Furuno customer! As you stated, we have released our DFF1-UHD TruEcho CHIRP network sounder for NavNet 3D and NavNet TZtouch. We know that there are many customers, like yourself, who are anxiously awaiting a stand-alone TruEcho CHIRP sounder. A stand-alone sounder of this caliber is still on the drawing board with our parent company and the engineers are working on it. However, we have not received any timeframes of when to expect this unit. When we receive further information on its release, we will certainly post information on the forum.

Again, thank your for your loyalty and we will keep you posted of progress. :D
I created an account just so I could reply to this thread. I'm also very interested in a Furuno standalone chirp unit. I don't want to spend 15K to replace half the electronics in my boat just to get the DFF1-UHD. I almost bought the Raymarine Dragonfly, but I decided to wait for a Furuno. From what I've heard, demand for the Dragonfly is huge, so I really hope Furuno decides to offer a similar unit.