Chart card compatability


I have a RDP-139 with a C-map card, radar and fishfinder, and am looking at networking a second RDP-139 but it takes a Navionics Classic Navchart Format card.
Will my 2nd screen work?
What else will I need to network them?
Yes, it'll work. Obviously it won't share the chart card across the network because it's two different types. However, you can get the Navionics one reprogrammed to C-Map by a Furuno USA dealer. Once they are both programmed to the same version of C-Map, they will share one chart card after some settings. You will need another network cable and a HUB or switch to connect all the devices together. A Furuno USA dealer can help you with the parts needed.
"you can get the Navionics one reprogrammed to C-Map" Is this just a software upgrade/change or does the reader itself have to be changed?
Is the hub or switch just an ethernet type or a furuno type?
For the NN1 and VX2, the hub/switch used is normally an off the shelf item. (switch NOT router)

Units can be converted by a dealer or service center without any hardware change.
Sorry Johnny, not quite sure what you mean,
"Units can be converted by a dealer or service center with any hardware change"?
... so I need a hardware change (new/different card reader) so a second unit can dispay C-Map charts?
First time in this forum, but similar question; I have one RDP 139 unit in pilot house and want a second (or compatible unit) on fly bridge station. Do they simply network together so I only need one card in one unit? Also, will both units be able to use one GPS antenna and also get radar data?
If your second unit is a NAVnet 1 of the same type (Navionics or C-Map), then one chart card can be shared across the network. If your second unit is a NAVnet vx2, then a separate chart card for each would be necessary. Either of these two situations would allow networking of all other information, such as GPS, from one to the other.