ch300 purchse and install questions



What are the factors that one should consider in choosing the travel length in the hoist? I assume it depends on the placement of the unit. Can there be a problem with the frequency of sonars currently on the boat and some type of interference depending on which dual frequency unit we purchase? We had a electronics guy look at the boat and he said based on the centerline of the hatteras being full of fuel tanks and water tanks that the best place was inside the owners stateroom inside a closet that had a false floor as to access the hull/keel of the boat. The boat has naiad stabilizers but they are a good ways aft of the location of the proposed install. What frequency would be best, we are using the boat for recreational fishing for anything from bluewater trolling to swordfishing and deep dropping. Thanks in advance for your responses.
It is hard to say if the position you are looking at is the best without seeing the vessels configuration inside and out. Normally we would like to see the sonar's hoist on the centerline in the forward part of the engine room. I perfer the long stroke because by moving a limit switch you can make into a short stroke if needed. The Rule-of-Thumb with any acoustic device is that the further away from the vessel hulls the quieter (cleaner) the water. When choosing a sonar's frequency you want to try and stay away from the sounders harmonics, meaning if you have a 50Khz sounder you would want to avoid a sonar that is 150Khz or in the case of the CH-300 153Khz. A simple way to check this is to take the sounders frequency and multiply it by 2, 3 or 4 to see if it comes within 10% of the sonars frequency. So a 50Khz sounder will interfer with 150/153 sonars. A 28Khz sounder with interfer with 60/85/88/113 sonars. Thats not to say you won't have any interference but the chances are reduced the greater the frequency spread between the two.

Hope this helps.