can MFD12 display AIS data from N2K AIS unit



I would like to install a stand alone class B AIS unit with display on my boat. Since I do not have room at the binnacle for the display I need my MFD12 to display the main information. I was thinking of getting a unit that had N2K output as I thought it would be easier to get the information to the MFD over the network but I have been told that the NN3D displays may not interpret AIS data sent over N2K. Is that the case? Do I need to provide AIS data to the MFD12 via NMEA 0183. Need to know before I make the purchase.
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That is true. The NAVnet 3D system will only accept NMEA0183 AIS at 38,400 baud.
OK, thanks. Now I definitely need to run the Data 2 and 3 NMEA connections into the boat.
On the bright side I get to buy a cheaper AIS unit.
So to clear things up: You can connect any brand of AIS transponders that outputs NMEA0183 signals to the an MFD8/12, and the AIS data will then be shared between two MFD's? (I have two).
Kjeks, Yes. Any brand of NMEA0183 AIS can be used to interface with the NAVnet 3D system. A caveat to that is that Furuno doesn't test every brand for compatibility, so the only brand that is guaranteed to be compatible is our own. As long as the brand of AIS that is used is compliant with the NMEA0183 standard, it should work. The data that is received by one MFD will be shared with all the MFDs on the network. The Furuno FA30 (receive only, class B AIS) and the FA50 (transmit/receive, class B AIS) are nice because the connection to the NAVnet 3D system is with a simple Ethernet cable into the HUB101.