Can I control FAR 2827 with Navnet 3D



I have Navnet3d, Maxsea TimeZero and a FAR2827. I would like to operate FAR2827 remotely. Is it possible to control 2827 by any of these? Presently with TimeZero I am able to Transmit, Change range scale, control gain, sea and rain. But nothing is available on Navnet3d. No video and any control. On setup wizard it detects 2827. Please advice.

Sounds like you have a very sweet system.
You should have no problems controlling the FAR2827 with your connected NavNet 3D. You only need to change your radar source of the NN3D (from the DRS) to the FAR2827.
This is done in the MENU - RADAR icon - General tab. Just pull down the radar source and select the FAR2XX7 series unit.
I have tried this once and was not able to do anything with it even though 2827 was detected by my MFDBB. I will try again and will get back to you.

Have I need to change any setting on 2827?
There is special non-IMO software and setups that are required by the FAR2XX7 radar for it to work properly with the NN3D system. The FAR2XX7 commercial radar has many protected areas in the setup; you would need to contact your dealer/installer to resolve the issue, if it still persists.
Yes, I can use the FAR2827 with the NN3D. I can't change any system related settings like heading alignment, MBS etc. Other thing noticed is the FAR2827 is not available when I disconnect my DRS6A from the circuit. So both are required to be powered up. Will it make any difference to DRS6A if I keep it on (S/by) for prolonged duration, i.e while I use FAR2827 I won't use DRS6A.
You are correct that DRS radar must be connected to the NN3D for it to also see the FARXX7 type radar. It is normally that a DRS be in standby when the NN3D is power on; even when the radar screen is not being used/viewed. It doesn't hurt anything. The NN3D offers only basic controls and viewing of the FAR2XX7. The NN3D is only to fully control the DRS type radars. For full control of the FARXX7 type radar; please use it's control/processor.