Cables for Dummies 2



What I thought was a no brainer has turned into a rather interesting, if you like multilingual profanity, project. What could be easier than plugging a network cable from Furuno into the back of my plotter and the other end into my computer so that Maxsea can share in the fun. Oh well I should have known better when I noticed the cable diagram from the manual for my NEMA connections was exactly the opposite from what the set up screen on my plotter gave me. The plotter was right BTW. Might help if I mention all this is happening on a new 1824C set up that was donated to us last month. Now simple question : why does my computer not see the data from my navnet 2 plotter? Have reset the IP address through all options. After having to fork over 130 $ for the cable you can imagine how happy I am. &:eek:{(
What version of MaxSea are you running?
What sort of "fun" are you looking for them to share?

Is it possible to show a diagram of what is hooked up where and what you are trying to accomplish?

Sorry for all the questions, but we can't help without some more information.
Thank you Melville for your kind assistance. We deliver donated medical and educational supplies in the form of comprehensive kits along with an Indonesian doctor who holds clinic and provides training for the traditional midwives and health workers on many of the small remote island communities of Eastern Indonesia. Most of the islands we assist are not exactly where the chart says they are, with some being up to 2 miles away from their charted positions. The whole idea of this new radar was to help me first find them and then get in between the often difficult reef passages. If I have a good starting point entrances become at least a little less exciting. Maxsea should be able to give me a radar to map overlay image which is exactly what I need. The other advantages being nice to have and even helpful. So, there you have the why.

The NEMA data from my Raymarine system is going in and through the system nicely via NEMA, The AIS data is appearing on the radar screen and also in the Maxsea "Data in check" but not on the Maxsea screen. Maxsea does not seem to see the radar at all. On start up Maxsea gives me the following messages: "Navnet Initialization failed" and later a bit about the ip addresses. I have tried all the suggested navnet addresses with no joy.

I am using an old version of Maxsea 12.1.1 on Windows XP with the service Pak 3 installed. From the RDP-149 to the computer I have the original Furuno data cable with plotter plug on one end and ethernet on the other end. Any suggestions you might have will be very welcome. I have run out of "bright ideas" for what to try next.
Reading your case the first thing I would say that is wrong, is that you are running a very old version of V12 MaxSea classic software. The current version (12.6.4) has been out for 3+ years (after 12.6.3 was out for some time). Trying to run 12.1.1 (around 6 years old) with a new NavNet Vx2 having newer software is a big part of your problem. The first step would be to consider updating your software on the PC. Version 12 users get the update for free by logging into their MaxSea account and downloading it. For you to see and control the radar via the MaxSea Classic software you MUST have the "NavNet" version. You didn't say but that might also be an issue/mistake. As this radar is new to you, it sounds more like growing pains/learning issues, than system problems. Please contact tech support or open a support case (Ask Furuno a Question) to work out your case. Your case is very specific to your needs, and might take a lot of back and forth/time. You could also contract an authorized dealer for service.