Brittle plastic connectors



Attached are pix of the broken connector points on my small sailboat radar. The engineering on these fragile plastic parts is totally incompatible with their general use. Cheap, brittle plastic parts which attach rather large cables are certain to break. These parts were neither abused nor was inordinate pressure applied to them. They simply broke from normal amounts of stress. This kind of plastic belongs in TOYS, not in radars that are essential safety equipment. Furuno will get no recommendations from me.


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Dear smurphny -

Sorry to hear that the connector broke on your Radar. If you are still within the 2 year parts and labor warranty, this can be repaired at no charge. If you are outside of the warranty period, you can still send it in to us and we will give you an estimate of what the repair costs will be prior to fixing the connector.

If you decide to send it in, please enclose a letter stating the problem, include your phone/contact info and our technicians will take a look at it. You can send it in to the following address:
Furuno USA, Inc.
Attn: Repairs Dept.
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd.
Camas, WA 98607