Automatic Reboot

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I have dual TZ14s. Every day or two (on multiday passages) the master screen decides to reboot. This also means I need to shut down my slave screen because it only works if the master is started first. It is scary losing my GPS and radar for a few minutes. Any ideas?
Thank you.
Two Fish
This Problem is well known and discussed in an older thread.

So far there seems to be no solution. My unit is still rebooting randomly, sometimes no reboot in two days, sometimes two reboots within 6 hours.
Even if this is a known issue, when the master screen goes down, why does the slave system display "position lost". Seems like a waste to have bought my second screen.
If you have any rebooting issues after following the forum advice on the other threads, you should contact your local Furuno distributor. I haven't seen any reboot issue not get resolved for Furuno USA customers. We take pride in our support. Although this site is open folks outside our sales area, you should be working directly with your Furuno distributor. Furuno USA customers should open an official support case directly with us so we can get to the bottom of any concern you might have. The basics have already been covered on the forum and beyond that you need to involve your distributor.
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