Audio Controls for BBWX2?



Does the TZ support SiriusXM audio channel controls (change, select, search, etc) on the BBWX2 ? If so, where are the control functions documented?

I'm considering the purchase, but want to make sure I understand the full functionality of the BBWX2 in a TZ-based environment before I take the plunge.

Thanks in advance.
At the present time the TZ does not have controls for Sirius audio, just the weather.
We might have this for a future software revision.

You can still receive the audio from the BBWX2 by splitting the signal from the antenna but would need to have a seperate radio.
The BBWX2 is advertised to support Marine Weather and Sirius Satellite Radio and includes an audio cable. Page 8 of the Installation guide states:

"The two audio cables provide are 3 meters long. They have 3.5mm male stereo jacks on
either end of the audio cable. Currently only Audio Port1 is active and available for use."

So how does one control the radio functionality?

Only the NavNet 3D can use the built-in audio option function. Furuno has marketed the BBWX1 and BBWX2 for Sirius weather. Crude controls where put into the NN3D software for audio functions, but it never progressed from there. Many users split (share) the antenna and use a dedicated audio receiver. The TZT has implanted Fusion audio support. The Sirius weather receiver can only be used for weather with the Vx2 and TZtouch systems.
Thanks Johnny - I have NN3D so I guess I'm in luck (sorta). The packaging on the BBWX2 does indeed have logos for both Sirius Weather and Sirius Radio. I think this is a case where Marketing and Engineering weren't exactly on the same page.