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Just got a boat with a GD1920C (Navionics) but the refresh seems slow. Checked the version on the unit and it looks like 1.03.xx. Downloaded version 4.01 from the site to an SD card (1GB - FAT formatted) and followed the upgrade instructions but the unit did not read the update and went to normal cycle up (tried it several times). I read a related post from March that seems to suggest that I must do the update in steps because the current version is very old. If that is the case, can someone give me the link to the files for the first update (ver 1.6 or ver 1.8 or ver x.x)?
Many times the boot loader version is mistaken for part of the version number.
To ensure we get you pointed the right direction; can you provide the full program number from your unit? (MENU - SYSTEM CONFIG - SYSTEM SETUP - TEST & CLEAR - MEMORY I/O TEST - DISPLAY UNIT TEST (unless BB unit then it will say PROCESSOR UNIT TEST)
Thank you for the quick reply. The boat is in the Florida Keys, will get you the full program number this weekend.
Your unit programming reflects very old software of 1.03 Navionics for a 10.4" display.
This is the first time I have heard of anyone having anything older than 1.04.
It is amazing that no one has tried to update the unit before now. Current software updates will not work. The software is WAY too old. The unit will need to be step updated. I can send you some links to software to update it yourself or you can price the service with the local dealer. Do you want to stay with Navionics or do you wish to convert the unit to the newest version of C-map?
Probably will stay with the Navionics because I just purchased the Navionics Gold card last month with the boat. Out of curiosity, what are the benefits (if any) of updating the unit to the newest version of C-Map? I’m sure it is explained somewhere in the forum but I just don’t have much available time at this moment.
The C-map software supports the Sirius weather receiver and generally runs faster than the Navionics version software. Ensure that any GOLD chip you have is using XL3 or XL9 maps. Huge gold chips like the 1XG chip, that cover the entire USA, will not work with the Vx2. I will PM you some links if you plan to upgrade your Navionics unit yourself. Let me know.
Since I plan to update the unit myself just go ahead and send me the links to the Navionics update for now. I have been using the new Gold card on the unit with the old software (ver 1.03) for the past month so I will assume the chip has the right type of maps because it has been working OK (aside from the unit running a bit slow).
Stepped upgrade worked – thanks. Now I have a question about the new 4.01 software, I now get an object box everywhere the cursor lands which at times covers some of the waypoints. Is there a way to turn this feature off to only work with the ENTER button? I looked in all of the MENU sections and could not find it.
Hello, Johnny.
This topic is exactly what I'm working on at the moment, so if you don't mind me hitching a ride....

I purchased a boat from the Northeast, and I'm in the Southeast. I just realized I need a new chart, and also found that the 1XG chart that is everywhere for sale will not work. My software number on the Display Unit Test page is 195002301.05.
I have not attempted any updates yet. Looking for some guidance.
1) How can I tell exactly what system I have? I've narrowed it down to either an 1824C or a 1920C.
The boat is equipped with radar, GPS, and Fishfinder that I can find so far.

2) The chart card that is in it now is SD/1G905XL3.
I've tried to find a chart for SE (will plan to go to Bahamas also), but the only chart I can find is the one mentioned above (1XG - all US). I'm thinking if I can, I'd like to change the software to Jeppesen/C-Map now, before I buy new charts.

3) All the antennae above the T-top are mounted on a raised assembly. I'm trailering the boat and height clearance while on the road is a problem (have to unbolt it lay it down, then reassemble every time). Will there be any issues if I just mount all these items flush to the T-Top?

Thanks in advance!
Your unit model number will be based on what radar is connected to it.
Is your radar scanner a dome or open array? How much KW is it?

If you plan to keep your machine programmed for Navionics charts, the chip you want is MSD/16XG-3 (USA East including Bahamas). Your unit will need to be updated or converted to C-map regardless. Your software (v1.05 Navionics) is very old and dates back to 2005. Most users use C-map programming/Charts with this platform. As old as your unit is, you might consider having the service center or Furuno dealer conduct an internal battery replacement when it is updated or converted.

There are many folks who mount their radars direct to a T top. You just want to make sure when mounted it will not be getting any radar reflections from any of the other mounted devices/lights and forward enough to clear the top with your radar signal.
Radar is RSB-0094.

Updated or converted....
Update would be ... leaving the system in the boat and software updates, and converted would be to remove and ship out, correct? I was hoping not to take anything apart. Will the update need to be stepped due to the age of the current file? If so, will you need to send it to me as I've seen on the forum?
If I do convert it, what part of the system needs removal?
Is there anyone in the Savannah, GA area that can convert the system without removing it from the boat?
You will have to step upgrade the unit no matter what because your software is so old.
You can upgrade to Navionics 4.01 or convert to C-Map 4.03 at the boat if you wish.
If have the computer skills and a blank 1 or 2 GB SD card, you can do it yourself or pay a local dealer to stop by the boat. MacKay Marine has an office in Savannah and I am sure they would take on the job.

The unit would have to come out of the boat for a battery change.

Your unit is a 2.2KW dome. The model number for the radar is currently the 1824C. If you convert to C-Map the model number changes to the 1824C/NT.
lost the bookmark and can no longer find it at the Furuno site, where can I find the update history for this site?
Here you go captain105


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My serial prefix is 4324-8682 so, is it the LED or the CCFL. Due to the age I'm thinking CCFL??? Just wan to be sure since it isn't on the IMPORTANT-PLEASE READ BEFORE UPDATING list.

Just read about the update issues. I recently bought a boat which has a rpu 015 black box (version 195002603.01,03), gd1920 (version 195002403.01,04) and a 1732 (version 195002803.01,03) all wired up through a hub in combination with an sc50. The gd1920 won't get a gps fix and I was advised to update all the navnet devices. Can you help me to get the software to step update?